Before you take a look at my trip reports, I wanted to give a little warning. My writing style changed dramatically from the beginning to the end, and I suspect the later trip reports are much more interesting to the average reader. This is partly because my writing improved through practice, but also partly because the purpose of the mailings changed. They started as just simple messages to let close friends and family know what I was up to, but then evolved into a more descriptive style that was also meant to be entertaining by themselves.

The first couple are especially bad, and I thought about removing them completely. Instead, I decided to include all of them, and to not change them in any way ... except for the correcting of spelling mistakes (of which there were quite a few - it was a bit of a challenge writing all of the reports on my tiny HP palmtop).

Some of my favourite trip reports to start out with are:

  • Delhi, Dunes, and 007
  • From the Taj to Tibet
  • Penis Gourds and Festive Hordes
  • Now that you have been warned ... click here to see the trip reports.

    p.s. In the near future, I am planning on enhancing the trip reports with relevant photos.        Click here to return to my Home Page